Retailers Rights Vs. Shoplifter Privileges

It is rare for an average person to know shoplifting laws that is why a shoplifting lawyer is very important when you are accused of the crime. When you are faced with a shoplifting charge, you do not understand the consequences that will follow. Shoplifting lawyers live in a legal environment and can provide support when necessary.

People were shocked when they saw a video of a grocery store staff tackling a woman who is suspected of shoplifting. This leads to the question on how far a shop owner can go or should go when dealing with a person who is allegedly stealing.

According to County Sheriff Jack Campbell of Sangamon, there is law that should be followed when dealing with shoplifters. Shoplifters cannot be detained. They cannot be physically harmed. The property they stole must not be taken back.

On the other hand, Sangamon County State Attorney Dan Wright, says that business owners have legal rights. The Shoplifter’s Privilege law allows business owners to detain a shoplifter in a reasonable manner for a reasonable period of time. In 2007, Walmart was sued by a shoplifter after he was sprayed with mace and detained to a point where the hands bled.

Mark Kessler, co-owner of Recycled Records considers shoplifting as one of the costs of doing business. For example, if a shoplifter takes a $10 hardback book, it becomes a business loss. However, it is different if an employee is attacked by the shoplifter. The employee has the right to defend himself from the attack.

Sheriff Campbell says that the best thing to when you notice a shoplifter is to call law enforcement. If you are not the business owner, you can be a witness. You can provide information about the vehicle or a physical description of the person. No item whether valuable or not is worth the life of a person.

In instances when a shoplifter is tricked to admit guilt, the best option is to hire a shoplifting lawyer who understands the law. It does not matter whether you are guilty or innocent; a lawyer is always morally bound to defend you so that you can return to normal life the soonest possible time.

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