Salvation Army, A New Funeral Service Option For Funeral Directors In Sydney

Australia’s funeral industry has welcomed the Salvation Army as a competitor to the long history of unscrupulous providers benefitting from newly bereaved families. In 2017, Salvo Funerals was officially introduced in Sydney after successfully tried for six months and delivered more than 90 funerals. The chief funeral directors in Sydney said they aimed to provide funeral services for the community without being quoted high prices in the market.

A specialist from the Salvation Army once said he worked for the company for nearly 20 years and introduced the idea of a funeral service be included in its work. This can aid the community by providing the right approach to deal with a funeral service that a bereaved family has just experienced. Certainly, the funeral directors in Sydney can offer lower costs for the services by being fair and transparent with these families. The funeral provider believes they can create a major impact among families who can’t afford thousands of dollars for a funeral.

The new company offers around AUS $2,180 for a no-service, no attendance cremation, which is less than the AUS $4000 offered by most funeral directors in Sydney for a basic cremation. This is actually the best price that can be offered, especially for those who want a basic funeral for their deceased loved one. However, there are also funeral services that cost around AUS $10,000 if the bereaved family prefers a better option. The choices for funeral services will really depend on the emotional and financial capacity of those left behind.

Once a family loses someone they love through death, it will be a hard time to organise and coordinate for the deceased’s funeral. They will need more time to discuss what’s needed for the funeral service and how much they intend to spend for the funeral. This calls for no problems as there are some funeral directors in Sydney that can readily help them prepare for the funeral. They will just have to find the right providers, so they don’t get ripped off with expensive services. Usually, these funeral service providers have been in business for several years and have made a name for itself.


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