Say Goodbye To Matching Jewelries

It is time to say goodbye to matchy matchy trend as fashion is favoring the combinations and mash ups of items with different colors and prints. This trend is now making a grand entrance in the jewelry scene. According to MatchesFashion’s buying director, Natalie Kingham, there are a growing number of customers that is purchasing asymmetric jewelry such as cocktail earrings online. Earrings used to be bought in matching pairs but it is now the leading jewelry for this new trend. These mismatched earrings come in contrasting stones, shapes and sizes.

Ms. Kingman said that the new trend makes it possible for customers to show off their unique personality. It is also a good excuse to keep a single earring and pair it with other solo earrings we have.

Messika’s founder as well as creative director, Valerie Messika, has been vocal about her love for asymmetrical trend. Her Parisiad diamond line of jewelries has been talked about by industry experts because of its lightness in style which is not a common setup for diamond stone.

She admitted that 15 years after she started her business, she still has the same young feeling whenever she wears asymmetrical diamond earrings compared to matching ones. She has the desire to break the usual which is will leave a cool image to her brand that will rock the industry.

She recently released her high jewelry collection which follows the concept of 1920s Paris. In the collection is a Roaring Diamond that matches an ear cuff to a pared-back earring. The pair is called Mata Hari and one of them is bigger than the other. It features the same boldness as the name of the earrings which is after an exotic entertainer and courtesan who was sentenced to death due to espionage in 1917. The ear cuff covered almost one ear while the pair is a soft one. Ms. Messika thinks that the balance will give justice to the wow piece while using a matching ear cuff would be too much of a bling.

She said that cocktail earrings online that are sold in mismatched pairs can be compared to frayed jeans worn along with designer shoes. The combined sensibilities are something to look forward too.

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