Sedation Dentistry For People Suffering From Dental Phobia

There are people who avoid going to dentist because of intense anxiety or fear. For these people, it does not matter if Affordable Dental Solutions Reading offers quality dental care for the most cost effective prices; they simply cannot overcome their fear of dentists. Dental phobia is highly detrimental to health that is why dentists offer sedation dentistry to their patients.

People develop dental phobia because of a traumatic experience with a dentist during childhood. They hate the sounds and smell associated to dentistry. Sometimes, they are influenced by family and friends who have had bad experiences at a dental clinic. These persons are perfect candidates for sedation dentistry.

There are two types of sedation dentistry – oral sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation. In oral sedation, the dentist places a sedative pill under the patient’s tongue. When the pill dissolves, the medication enters the bloodstream but by-passes the stomach and liver. Since a patient is given only one pill, it is difficult to determine the effectiveness of the sedative pill and how long it will last.

Most dental practices only provide oral sedation. IV sedation is often used in hospitals and short-procedure units. Small doses of sedation medications are given to the patient through IV to make him comfortable throughout the procedure. The patient is also hydrated through a normal saline IV drip.

Before sedation dentistry, the patient is screened and the medical history is reviewed for any contraindications prior to the procedure. During the procedure, the dentist uses a monitor to track EKG, heartbeat, respiration, blood oxygen content and exhaled carbon dioxide.

Sedation dentistry can only be availed of by patients who are generally healthy or have well controlled medical issues. Hospital-based sedation dentistry is more suitable for patients with medical issues so that any problems during the procedure can be monitored and controlled immediately.

Quality dental care is offered by Affordable Dental Solutions Reading to all people regardless of their age, gender or financial status. Patients can avail of dentures, sedation dentistry, extractions, full mouth restorations and dental implants for a much lower price. State-of-the-art technology is used in the manufacture of crowns, dentures and implants.

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