Should You Consider Being An Accountant?

Graduation just ended in the United States. For the college graduates, it’s now time to look for a job. For the high school graduates on the other hand, they are now contemplating whether to look fora job or get a degree. Among the courses available in schools, accounting seems to be a desirable choice for many. Should you consider it too? Before you do, read the rest of this article first. It will give you some juicy facts on being an accountant.

First stop, the pros. It’s a no-brainer profession – you will be following a clear career path. Unlike that of an actor who may take on different roles in the business, being an accountant will mean that you will be doing the same type of job unless you choose to take on another one later on. It’s also a very stable job. As long as there are working individuals and businesses around, there will always be a need for an accountant so you don’t have to worry running out of work. There is also room for growth. When it comes to your earning potential, accountants are paid very well according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS says that accountants and auditors earn a median pay of $68,150 as of 2016 or an equivalent of $32.76 an hour. There is also room to transition into a business owner, providing accounting services to the general public.

Just like any other profession, being an accountant does come with some downsides. For one, accounting rules can change over time and hence the need to have continuing education. One mistake can lead to getting sued which could hurt an accountant financially, the reason why they are advised to get accountant insurance. Work is repetitive and so, this profession is not recommended for people who easily get bored. They can get really busy during tax season and will have to spend long hours at work.

If math sounds exciting to you and you do not mind spending some time in continuing study, the accounting professions is perfect for you. As for the financial risk associated with it, you can always lower it by having accountant insurance coverage. The risk is but a small price to pay for a profession that offers growth and a very nice paycheck.

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