Skills Needed For A Software Developer

With so many users across the world, it makes sense that software development is growing the way it is. In turn, this means that software developers are in demand, with lots of people looking to get into the market.

Of course, award-winning development doesn’t just happen; it needs good developers backing it up. If you’re wondering what makes a good developer, here are a few skills to keep in mind.

Programming skill

Probably one of the most obvious skills a developer needs, computer programming is, of course, a key part of software development. You need to be able to code and program, build and modify software, with a good grasp of programming languages and OSes.

You might be comfortable working with a specific language and OS and can master it, and that’s fine. But you should branch out, and learn different languages.

Mobile is also an important consideration, due to the sheer size of the mobile user market. With more and more companies increasing their focus on mobile development, knowing how to handle mobile development can help land you a job.

Mathematical aptitude and good problem-solving skills

Software development and algorithms are pretty much partnered with each other, near inseparable like ham and cheese. You’ll also need good problem-solving skills, as you’ll be dealing with mathematical and logical errors.

It doesn’t sound too important, but in programming, even the smallest mistakes can lead to huge problems down the line, which is why award-winning development demands good problem-solving skills, and the ability to think outside the box.

Attention to detail

One common joke for programmers and devs is a code not working just because of one misplaced semicolon.

Thing is, it’s true. Such tiny details can be easy to miss, which is why developers need to be accurate and have an eye for detail, able to efficiently running and rerunning through their work to see what could be wrong. Not even the tiniest glitch should be allowed to stay.


Weird skill to have, sure, but it’s a vital one.

No developer can make it without self-development and innovation, both of which are driven by the spirit of curiosity.

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