Some Ideas On What You Can Choose For Your Kitchen Tiles

Everyone is lucky with the wide selection of kitchen tiles available in the market. So, if you’re opting for a kitchen renovation, you’ll find everything right to your needs. There are natural stone options which include slate, marble and granite. Plus, there are the ceramic and porcelain options, which come in various choices. The tiles also come in several sizes, which start from the small mosaic pieces to the larger squares. Experiment the tiling on your floor first, or you can even hire an expert to create fantastic designs on your kitchen. Here are some tile ideas you can try for your kitchen:

  • Adding Edge Details

One simple yet classy pattern you can try is surrounding the central field with a perimeter border. You can rotate the border on similar kitchen floor tile, or combine the tiles, or use different tiles.

  • Medallions

You may want to install a medallion for your kitchen tiles, which you can buy ready made. They come in various detailed cuts. The fancy tiles include curves, which are cut using an equipment not available for a basic DIY homeowner.

  • Random Squares and Rectangles

If you want some squares or rectangles in your kitchen, you need a skilled installer who can cut down the kitchen tiles in various sizes. You make a combination of the various tiles you have chosen, especially that they are available in the market.

  • Bold Geometric Shapes

You may want to use bold patterns which is so easy to accomplish. You may want to combine light and dark tiles to form a classic checkerboard. You can also add a several colours for a style and variety.

  • Woven or Brick Designs

You can also create brick patterns using the kitchen tiles you have chosen. Here, you’ll start with a full tile and go with half tiles. You can even have rectangular and square tiles. You may choose woven or herringbone patterns for a more complex tiling.

Kitchen floor tiles come in various materials, sizes and colours, so choose those that make a statement on your kitchen. Even while remodeling, you can create a unique look in the kitchen.

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