Strange Signs Pop Up On Sydney Beaches

Recently, the city of Sydney has been cracking down on unsafe pedestrian practices, keeping an eye on the sidewalks of the city and its beaches. The passing of the lock-out laws and the implementation of jaywalking fines show the strict control of pedestrian travel that the city has applied in the recent weeks. And it seems Sydney signs are following suit.

Several Sydney signs have been photographed and posted on social media recently, and the Australian internet have reacted to them with confusion and mixed opinions. A Sydney journalist by the name of Siobhan Moylan, recently posted a picture of peculiar city signage, located in Bondi Beach, with patrolling police personnel in the picture. The sign states that pedestrians without helmets could not jog around the area of the beach.

The picture was met with confused comments on social media sites such as Facebook, where most wonder if the city has begun to apply Orwellian rules in its attempts to keep its pedestrians safe.

Ms. Moylan has been asked regarding the matter of the photograph, stating that she finds the idea of the thing as either amusing, or saddening, stating that she can’t really decide whether to laugh or cry. She adds that the officer in the picture was unaware of the signage and the regulation it was meant to enforce.

Another sign much like it has been sited on nearby Bronte beach, this one stating that joggers should clock in and register on a government website before leaving the premises of their homes.

Ms. Moylan has expressed her doubt in the validity of these signs and the rules they are meant to enforce, but states that, practical joke or no, they are applicable as of the city’s current political climate. She states that with things in the city being what they are now, the signs come across as somewhat believable.

The internet has reacted with confusion, with some stating that it wouldn’t be impossible. Some have expressed approval of the idea.

The NSWPF have stated that they have no involvement with the sign, which would explain why the police officer pictured with it was unaware of the sign’s existence.

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