Study Claims Orthodontics Is Not Associated With Future Happiness

It somehow lowers one’s self-confidence when there is something wrong with his or her teeth. Sometimes, they experience decay which hinders them from enjoying the food or they get conscious when they speak as they could feel their breath with a not so attractive smell. However, most of the times, people seek dental health care when some of their teeth are not properly aligned and some are malpositioned. If you ask a Lansdale orthodontist, these kinds of problem are nothing but common and in fact, a lot of people experience them.

Worth the Investment?

In fact, you may have noticed a lot of your schoolmates have their teeth installed with braces and other aligners, in order to make their teeth look healthier and more attractive. Unfortunately, repairing one’s teeth does not happen overnight. As a matter of fact, these may need a few months or even years. The thing is when people anticipate for the day when they could finally have their braces removed, most do not witness the result that they want to achieve. Therefore, some of them get frustrated as they would feel that they have suffered for something that was not worth the investment. To add more fuel to the fire, a study now even claims that orthodontics is not necessarily correlated with future happiness.

Factors to Consider

In order to pursue the study and end up with viable results, four aspects of life were considered: how people felt with the supposed difficult situation, how they felt about taking care of their own health, the support system they have had within their personal network, and, lastly, their level of optimism. It was found out that brushing teeth at least twice a day increases self-confidence and seeing a dentist regularly also led to positive psychological scores. Generally, those well-off had returned positive outcomes while those with basic level of secondary education were generally low. However, wearing braces since young was not found to be major factor associated with happiness.

Despite this, a Lansdale orthodontist or any orthodontist there is, would still remind you that braces are still very useful although, sadly, not just in making you happy. Hence, if you want may want to look through a gamut of dental supplies now, visit Exetor Orthodontics right away for more details.

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