Tauranga And Bay Homeowners Moving To Cheaper Towns

According to several furniture removal businesses, Bay homeowners are selling properties and moving out, but the Bay real estate agents and leaders disagree.

Moving out to cheaper towns

The Bay of Plenty Times contacted some furniture removalists, and the latter said that the Tauranga homeowners are putting their properties for sale and moving to the cheaper towns in New Zealand, to live free of mortgage with some cash still left.

The removalists mentioned that this trend happened due to the inflated prices of properties in the Bay, and also because of the changes from population boom. The renters are also moving from Tauranga, due to the increasing costs of renting homes, according to them.

The Bay leaders got surprised by this news, as they are not aware of people that left in significant numbers. This is also the same reaction that came from the real estate agents that were communicated to by the Bay of Plenty Times Weekend.

Mayor Greg Brownless mentioned that he only suspects a small amount of people leaving.

He cautioned about abandoning homes and relationships for easy cash.

Brett Hewlett, the Priority One chairman, indicated that it is difficult to comment because he doesn’t know the exact number of people leaving.

He expressed that this might just be some isolated cases. He added that there is a net migration in the Bay.

However, one removalist mentioned that this trend started around February, while the others said that they notice it more lately.

The statistics from a removal company

David Whitehead from A2B Movers, said that he started sensing changes a couple of months back. He recently helped move people to Wellington, Gisborne, New Plymouth, Raglan, Havelock North and Wellsford.

The figures from A2B indicated that in every month during the first five months of 2016, six to fourteen percent of its jobs comprised of moving people from the Bay.

In the last three months, the figures increased to 15, 17 and 19 percent.


Whether the purpose is to move to a different town or city to look for a better lifestyle or a cheaper cost of living, surely these removalists found in multiple locations – regardless if they are home removalists in the Bay or furniture removalists in Sydney – are able to help homeowners with the moving process.

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