The Current State Of Funeral Industry

It is almost time for funeral industry, currently estimated to have a market value of $20 billion, to experience change and not in a bad way either.

It is usual to see a funeral service being held today to be exactly the same as the ones that are being done five decades ago. The funeral home will place the decease’s embalmed body for viewing inside a casket which can either be open or closed. A religious leader, one who knows or does not know the person who passed away personally, will then read a number of prayers. This type of funeral service is considered as impersonal and stilted. Not to mention that it is quite expensive because the average cost is set at $8,000.

This type of funeral service should not be only one available because there are people who do not adhere to certain religion, who are not happy with the traditional way and who would like to spend things in a non-boring fashion. It is surprising to know that despite being in a time where there are many choices available and everything can be personalized, the funeral industry has not followed the same trend.

According to the lecturer and New York City’s most in demand funeral director, Amy Cunningham, we are already a pro when it comes to weddings but we need to work on more in changing the funeral industry.

The tradition funeral that is still practiced up to this day is considered to be a young cultural one. Before the 19th century, it is common to see American families hosting the funeral inside their homes and the surviving family is the one caring for the body of the person who passed away. It was not until the Civil War that the embalming method was introduced in a way to preserve the corpses of the soldiers to be brought home for the burial. After it has been introduced into cities is when the funeral industry started.

There was no big change since then in terms of traditional burial service. It was only in 2015 when funeral homes in Perth saw an increase in number of people who are opting for cremation. Another option which sprung is the green burials.

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