The Different Types Of Wiremesh And Their Uses

Wire mesh is easily noticeable in screen doors and window screens. It is also used in other ways in the home such as room dividers, fencing, and shelving. It is also used behind the ceilings, plumbing, and walls. Homeowners find the role of wire mesh in many scenarios when doing some renovations in their homes.

It is essential to know the different types and varieties of wiremesh as it is a common material used in both residential and commercial establishments. It is a versatile material that has numerous applications worldwide. It is also a flexible product that can be manufactured in a huge variety of specifications. The following are the different types of wire mesh:

  1. Woven wire mesh

This is a type of wire mesh that has extra small openings often referred to a wisre cloth. This is a common type of wire mesh in most establishments as it is usually used as screens for doors and windows. Wire cloth has numerous opening sizes. If you need constant airflow and get rid of the tiny bugs, wire cloth is the best material for you. It is good material for enclosing a patio or a porch.

  1. Welded wire mesh

This is mostly used for heavy-duty works. The wire materials are welded to make a sturdy product. It is often used in industrial and commercial settings for security purposes. For residential purposes, it is used in fencing the house.

  1. Knit wire

This is commonly called chicken wire. Its original usage is providing for inexpensive fencing for livestock, however, it is also used in many other interesting and innovative ways.

The benefits of wire mesh:

Wire mesh is a commonly used material because it is the most effective and affordable tool for numerous applications. It is a versatile product and has a wide variety of sizes which makes it ideal for any job around the house and in commercial settings.

It is also convenient to install and offers a quick remedy for most pest problems. While the solution to pest problems is speedy, the wire mesh is superior in durability. When used outdoors, it is galvanized to delay corrosion.

The uses of wire mesh (เหล็กไวร์เมช) are plentiful, yet the product is inexpensive which makes it a practical go-to material for various uses in the home and commercial establishments.


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