The Latest Technology In Windows And Shades

The windows might be the least of your concern in your office but this perspective is slowly changing with the rise in demand for privacy window film in Sydney because of its benefits in terms of design and energy efficiency. Here are the latest intelligent technology developed that are making waves in the window industry.

  • This is a good option for those who want to adapt a shadeless design but does not want to change the existing windows in the building. It is basically a smart film with liquid crystals made of polymer and attached on top of the window. It requires electricity to be applied on the film in order for it to turn opaque. This action is triggered by using the Sonte’s very own app for smartphones and tablets. This is a flexible option that can be used on any window size as it can be cut accordingly.
  • This is a window solution that gives a shadeless appearance to modern buildings. This helps maintain the aesthetic of a property while making sure that they are not compromising environmental issues including hot spots and sun glare. It also provides the much needed privacy. SageGlass is made of ceramic material with five layers and a coating that is electrochromic. The tint turns dark as soon as low voltage is applied. The technology can be controlled easily through a smartphone.
  • For property owners that want to retain their current window shades, there is no need to fret about replacing anything because of Axis Gear. It can be easily integrated to the current shades without the need to change them. It has to be attached next to the window and in the middle of the wall and can be easily controlled using an app or through the device.
  • While there are those that prefer privacy window film in Sydney, others are more comfortable with using shades. This is where Somfy comes in because it offers a variety of blinds as well as shades. This is quite similar to the classic shade but a high-tech version because of the automation feature.

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