The Most Common SEO Issues Found In Audits

Website audits are a key part of any SEO strategy, going through a site to see what mistakes are stopping your search ranking from being good. Naturally, more site to code means more chances of issues popping up, and some are more common than others.

Bad links

Google loves links; that’s why you want to make sure your site’s links work great.

You want to make sure that you have internal links set up, you’ve verified the security in your links, and that they all work and lead to the page they’re supposed to, while actually adding value to your site.

Lacking content

On the internet, content is king. Granted, that’s a bit hard to put into quantifiable terms, which is why search engines look at things like inbound links, user experience, and other metrics of performance to see the quality.

However, there are some aspects of content that are quantifiable, and the common mistakes are not having enough content for a page, and not having pages with the same or very similar content.

Meta description

Meta descriptions are, well, descriptions about content on a page, which means that they help users get an idea of what links to click and what’s on the page. Google uses these too.

One of the more common mistakes regarding this matter is missing meta descriptions, which means Google resorts to showing only the page’s opening sentence. There’s also the matter of length, a key part of any good king kong SEO review and the like, so avoid descriptions that are either too long or too short.

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