The Tourist Paradise Of Maldives Might Be In Jeopardy

Photos of Maldives online gives people a sense of longing to see this paradise island someday. It is popular for many things especially Maldives luxury villas that are situated near the most breath-taking beaches. What many do not know is that the island nation located in the Indian Ocean is currently in jeopardy – from political control and from climate change.

The Muslim nation is currently facing a transition period as Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wins the election. The win came as a surprise to many since the president-elect is from the opposition party.

The entire country is composed of 1,192 small islands which are widely scattered. Maldives is located 800 km from the equator. As of the moment, only 200 islands of Maldives have inhabitants. The nation’s total population is at 340,000 according to the last census which was done in 2014.

Majority of the income of the country comes from the tourism industry as it makes up 41 per cent of the nation’s GDP two years ago. In a figure released by the World Travel and Tourism Council, almost 20 per cent of the employees in the country are working because of tourism.

Last year, around 1.4 million international travellers came to the country because they were enchanted with its beauty. The country is the top destination choice for newlyweds on their honeymoon.

For three decades, the country has been under the authoritative ruling of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. He was dethroned in 2008 when Mohamed Nasheed, a human rights activist, took over after winning the multi-party election, the first that was held in the country.

Nasheedwas mandated to step down in 2012 because of police mutiny as well as demonstrations that claimed he was organizing a coup plot. In 2013, he lost the election to Abdulla Yameen who is the half-brother of Gayoom. Now that they have surpassed the political tension, the citizens and businesses such as Maldives luxury villas are worried about the rising seas, which could erase the nation from the map. Unless they do something to contribute in fighting climate change, the country and everything it holds might be in grave peril.

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