Things You Should Avoid Doing In The Shower

Showers are an essential part of a human’s everyday life. Since the day you came into this world, bathing has been a part of your existence. In whatever form it may be, one thing is for sure, you still have a lot of things you don’t know when it comes to showering. This article will share with you some simple steps you can incorporate in your daily routine that will certainly have a huge impact on our hair as well as your skin. While there are a lot of things you could learn on the internet, there are also many misleading information when it comes to showering such as not conditioning the roots of your hair, using bar soap instead of liquid or multitasking by cleaning your face while inside the shower. Unbeknownst to many, these routines could be damaging your hair and skin.

In terms of washing and conditioning ones hair, there is no single rule. The scalp is very important because it is a living part thus constant rehydration and cleansing is needed to get rid of excess oils. The problem is that your hair strands that are already dead might become drier if you shampoo as often as you like. According to Amy McMichael, a dermatologist, different treatments should be given according to the type of ethnicity of a person. In the case of black and Hispanic, they commonly have thick hair thus they need to shampoo less often. It does not matter what your routine is when it comes to shampooing but the recommendation given by McMichael is to make sure there is a minimum of one day from the time you shampoo to your next one. This is to avoid removing the natural oil in your hair.

Your skin requires gentle cleaning thus it is recommended to use body wash rather than bar soap. After showering, apply your lotion immediately because it is the best time for your skin to soak it up properly. If you want to enjoy your shower time, you should also consider an upgrade to your bathroom such as a frameless shower screen.

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