Tips For Effective Termite Inspections In Newcastle

Termites can cause structural damage and can even damage your furniture and devour important documents in your house. What’s difficult is that, termites can do all these damages without you knowing it. doing repairs and rehabilitation for the damage can cost you a lot of money and there are some things that you might find hard obtaining again such as important legal documents devoured by termites. Apart from financial burden, home repairs can also interrupt your normal activities around the house since you would have to move furniture or vacate some rooms or even move out of the house during rehabilitation. Officially, termite inspections in Newcastle are called Structural Pest Control Inspection. The good thing about termite inspections is that exterminators will check not just the presence of termites in your house but factors that contributes to their presence. These could involve checking for water damage, fungus damage and your plumbing for leaks including earth to wood contact.

In preparation for a termite inspection, here are some things that you can do to speed up the process:

  • To make it easier for termite inspectors to check potential breeding areas, remove everything under the kitchen sink, bathrooms and other potential areas with termites. Moist areas are ideal for termite breeding so you might want to check on such.
  • Storage located within two feet from your house’s exterior should be moved to a farther spot.
  • Storage inside your garage should also be removed or moved at least two feet away from your wall.
  • Remove or trim bushes and other ground covering that hide walls or the foundation of your home to make it easier for termite inspections in Newcastle to be conducted.
  • Keep the passage towards the attic free from any blockage for inspectors to pass faster and easier. Attics are generally inspected since they are moist and humid, a perfect breeding ground for termites.
  • If your house is on a raised foundation or elevated, experts in termite inspections in Newcastle might necessitate to go under the house so it would be better to clear the area for easier access.

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