Tips For Successful Packaging

The most basic thing to be remembered when shipping either small or large items is that it should be wrapped with bubble wrap such as Paper Mart bubble wrap and packaging tape must be used. Extra care must be given to items that are fragile especially small ones such as jewelries and delicate kinds like those made of glass.

If you are packing many items inside a large box, do not put the small items at the bottom as it may not be noticeable when covered by various packaging later on. There are chances the recipient might not see it and throw it away with the packaging used.

Do not pack items too tightly because it will be harder for the recipient to take away the wrapping and might result to slippage and breakage.

Though some items you bought might come with the proper packaging, make sure to pack it carefully along with the non-packaged ones to ensure uniform safety of the items. Remember, insurance might not cover items that are not packed properly. This is definitely true in cases where the outside box is in good condition and the inside items are broken.

Make sure to include the receipt inside the box together with the documents. Remember to include your complete contact information if you are shipping for the first time. If you are selling, it may be okay to include your marketing information such as the list and prices of items you are selling and your business card.

Inside label is important as this may be the secondary basis of the delivery courier in case the outside label is torn or damaged in any way that makes it unreadable.

Use the appropriate cushioning for different types of items:

– If you need to pack items made of glass, remember not to wrap them directly with newspaper because there is a chance that the ink will transfer onto the glass. Make sure to wrap first with tissue paper or bubble wrap from Paper Mart.

– You may also use peanuts and popcorn as fillers.

– Foam fill is suitable for electronic items to protect the corners and edges.

– Bubble wrap from Paper Mart is available in various sizes. The bigger the better to protect the items properly.

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