Tuition Centres Use Fliers And Freebies For Marketing

Nowadays, everyone can study at any school and take up any course that they wish to take and use that as a stepping stone towards their chosen career path. You see, the education industry has been stepping up their game in terms of introducing newest and more student-friendly teaching methods that will enable even the new breed of teaching personnel to do their jobs on much efficient rate because whether we like it or not, we now live in the Digital Age where the Internet has become a preferred source of information especially for students who would rather scroll at the websites which tell them about a specific topic they need to research on than to enter one of the public libraries in their city, browse through one of the thousands of books inside and write down every single detail they could find useful for their research work. And that’s boring to most of the students of today. Now, in any case that you are miserably struggling to maintain a relatively good mark in your studies, there are alternatives which you and your parents can employ and among those alternatives is that you can bring yourself to one of the tuition centres in your city.

Just last month, it has been reported that a big number of the state-accredited tuition centres in Singapore has been targeting more and more students to enter their centres by giving out fliers and in the process, promising prospects freebies such as foolscap pads, bubble tea and yes, these centres are also promising breakfast sets for potential students who will enter their centres. And, these centres are giving out fliers to the students while waiting for them outside of the schools’ gates and that alone have started getting the attention of the officials of schools in Singapore. While the schools’ officials have been monitoring the current situation involving staff of such centres who are approaching students while talking them into enrolling into their centres, there are no formal complaints that are made by students or any member of the general public and that school officials only want to make sure that the action of staff of these centres will pose no security risk to the students.

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