Metro Detroit Tutoring Programs, Helping Students Steer Clear From Summer Brain Drain

Education is important. This is probably why schools were built, because people need education. In fact, there are even people who wish to further their knowledge with the help of tutoring companies like Bee Academic Tutoring. But what happens during summer break where students are temporarily free from school?

Summer could mean a lot of things. It could mean going to the beach, joining camps, or even staying in bed for the whole day being unproductive. Sounds tempting right?

Unfortunately, since students are not exercising their minds enough during the summer, it could also mean that they are more likely to experience the “summer brain drain.” Although it may be unnoticeable at first, it can become a really big problem for students once the school year begins.

To help fight this Metro Detroit tutoring programs have been launched in hopes of helping students avoid the summer brain drain.

About eight years ago, Rupa Sohmshetty started the Aim4A Tutoring in Farmington Hills. Sohmshetty said that her kids were the first students, the trial students. She said that her children started on the worksheets and that Aim4A developed on an online system.

It seemed that the quiz tutoring program was a success when her daughter, Archana Sohmshetty, had managed to skip a grade when she was tutored. In fact, Archana has even managed to write and publish two books while she was away from school during summer break and right now she has been helping with the tutoring program.

According to her, students who were facing various learning challenges at school needed advice. The University of Michigan student had also said that continuous learning, even during summer breaks, will pay off greatly when the school year starts.

This is not only exclusive to those who are struggling with learning but to those who are already doing well in class as this gives them a head start.
At Aim4A Tutoring, every student will be assessed so that the tutors will know about the student’s academic level. Aside from one on one tutoring, the tutoring program is also made available online.

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