Types Of Cremation Urns For Adults

Grief over the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult situations to overcome. Different people have varied ways of coping with the loss of a loved one. Some move on and let go in a shorter period than others do. To some extent, there are people who are tremendously affected by the demise of a loved one which results to more serious situations than just managing and moving on with life.

With the current trend of cremation of the remains of a loved one, an increasing demand of cremation urns for adults necessitates companies in the memorial industry to create a wide variety of cremation urns that would cater to the different needs and personalities of the client. Creativity and innovation are essential factors that are needed to produce wide selections in every category that a client might need.

  • Photo Laser Engraved Cremation Urn – you can have the photos, texts, and graphics directly engraved into the outer part of the urn which creates a memorial that would last for generations.
  • Brass Cremation Urn – it is hand-made and coated to make each piece truly unique.
  • Metal Cremation Urn – a variety of metals can be chosen in this kind of cremation urn. A nameplate can be engraved into the flat side of the metal urn which makes it personalized.
  • Marble and Cold Cast Urn – it has an elegant look and yet durable, with high resistance against chipping and denting.
  • Ceramic Cremation Urn – beautifully crafted and designed either for permanent display or burial.
  • Cultured Marble Urn – hand-crafted from a mixture of stone, color pigments, and resin which represent natural elements. The materials are thoroughly selected to create a sturdy, beautiful, and lustrous finish.
  • Hand-carved Urn – from Mahogany, each piece is done one at a time. Although the patterns are similar, each hand-carved urn is unique in its own way.

There are still many selections of cremation urns for adults that suit the personality of the deceased person. The choice you make depicts the love and memories of the lost loved one which will remain in the generations to come.



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