Useful Tips For Those Who Are Planning To Buy Honda’s Supersport Bikes

The CBR650R looks every bit like a mini CBR1000RR that was promoted in some countries as Fireblade. CBR650R makes for an enjoyable and relaxed day-to-day sportsbike; but is there a market for it? It may come as a surprise but Honda supersport range of motorcycles is doing well in the UK. About 602 CBR650F models were sold in UK last year, which is more than Fireblade.

Many riders may be tempted to buy a used supersport bike because a new CBR650R costs nearly £8,000 but financing may change the decision. Riders will certainly love the new CBR650R with its updated chassis and suspension alongside the revised steel diamond frame.

The sporty riding position of CBR’s increases the percentage of rider weight over the front wheel which makes the fork compress more at low speed. The settings give an impression of softness but it is actually identical to the CB. When you are on the move, you will feel composed for a sporty road riding. CBR is also an easy to handle machine that can replace the CBR600RR at the Ron Haslam Race School for 2019.

According to Honda, they have given the 649cc inline four with a slight nudge compared to the outgoing CBR650F, however, you will hardly notice the 5% increase in peak power or the 5% boost in the top end of the CBR’s twin air scoops. More apparent is the reworked assist/slipper clutch’s beautiful light action and the revised gearbox that can change ratio with the slightest touch.

When you apply power from a closed throttle in line 4, response will be a little abrupt but once on the gas, the sportsbike is very controlled and can be a very easy going road bike but with a spirited bit of top end performance. Build quality is fairly high and you can be pretty confident that it will run and run.

For those who crave top end performance, choose from Honda supersport range of motorcycles and you will not be disappointed in the racetrack. The lineup for Honda supersport bikes includes the 2019 CBR650R, CBR1000RR Fireblade SP, CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2 and many more.

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