Utah Cloud Company Uses Fortnite For Team Building

Whenever someone mentions team building in Australia or anywhere else, employees tend to cringe, thinking about the forced interaction they’ll have to deal with.

To fight back against the negative stigma associated with team-building activities, more businesses are opting for activities that appeal to younger employees. For some companies, this means heading for the nearest escape room, or throwing waxes, the team at the Utah-based cloud company, Podium, has turned to the popular video game, Fortnite.

Podium Co-Founder and CEO Eric Rea says that games have done much throughout human history, and, says that he believes that Fortnite is their iteration, with a company that’s 89% millennial.

Fortnite is popular, enjoying colleges offering Fortnite scholarships, and generating more than $200 million monthly in 2018. It’s popularity, Rea explains, is how they got into it, saying that one of the members of their executive team recommended it after playing it with their kids. The team tried it out, and it’s now a part of their routine, made easy due to the fact that the game is available on Android and iOS devices.

Rea says that it became a quick reward for the employees, something they could enjoy in a few minutes or during a break, and something that connected them, without differences or corporate hierarchy getting in the way, letting them treat each other as equals, which is the point of team building in Australia or anywhere else.

Belonging to the battle royale genre, Fortnite is particularly popular thanks to is free-to-play nature. Like others in the genre, the game drops up to a hundred players into a play area, where they battle for supremacy, scavenging their own supplies in the process. It can be played as a team, which is the point, as, in order to succeed, team members have to make good calls, report on positions and developments, as well as give up provisions for the sake of the team if necessary.

Rea noted an increase in cohesion and communication between employees since they embraced Fortnite, noting how communicating as a squad in game, having leadership switch hands based on necessity, and developing roles helped when the game was followed immediately with work. He notes that it might not help the bottom line, it has, at least, helped team members be open and communicate with each other.

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