Vietnam Coming Out Of The Budget Destination Branding

When Vietnam was first introduced to the world as a travel destination, it carried the branding that conveys it is a budget destination. Recently though, the country is trying to shake off this reputation since it is rapidly developing by offering tourists luxury accommodations such as hotels in Danang and high quality services that could rival those of the countries in the west.

While the world cheap might be good in playing the consumers’ mind psychology, the use of the world is not always encouraged. This is because it could mean two ways when it comes to tourism services. When one speaks of something cheap, it could entail that something is affordable but the quality might not be the best. There are travellers who prefer to travel in luxury and comfort who might not be very welcoming with the use of the word and might shy away from countries carrying this branding.

Ever since the introduction of Vietnam in the tourism market, it was already branded as something cheap or what is commonly referred to as a budget destination in the international community. Within the country though, this tag was not all positively welcomed because it has both advantages and disadvantages. This is more critical for a nation that is trying to lift up its standard both in the products and services offered. The end goal is for the travel destination to have more appeal as it promises quality experiences and world class services.

Two years ago, Vietnam was included in Rough Guides as one of the budget travel destinations and it took the third spot out of the 20 on the list. This is looking good for backpackers who are saving as much as possible in order to travel but the country is also getting more ambitious as it wanted to reach out to the wealthier end of the spectrum. This is because it guarantees more sustainable revenue for the country and higher at that.

Instead of using cheap, the country prefers to be known as a destination that is considered a great value for money. Travelers who are staying at accommodations such as hotels in Danang should be able to find the experience worth it considering the money they have paid. This is now the challenge that the country is facing in order to move forward in the tourism sector.

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