Was Google’s Mobile Update Catastrophic For Online Businesses?

Last April, Google introduced a mobile update that came as surprise to many business owners particularly those that do not have a mobile-friendly website. The significant change to Google’s search algorithm made a very big impact and got major airtime from news networks. 6 months after its launch, was the Google Update catastrophic for business?

In the days following the launch, UK retailer next.co became one of the big losers because it lost about 38% of organic mobile visibility in the first week after the mobile update. This was surprising because next.co is a mobile-friendly site. The problem was not actually the lack of mobile design but its failure to automatically redirect mobile users to the mobile page.

Because of this significant oversight, Google deemed the site as “not mobile friendly” and pushed down its rankings on the mobile search pages. The case of next.com is not actually an isolated case because the same situation was experienced by Huffington Post and Dell &Reddit.

Before Google’s Mobile Update, only 52% has mobile-friendly websites and 6 months later nothing much has changed because many companies still fail to pass Google’s Mobile Friendly test. Each passing day of failure means lost traffic and potential sales from mobile users. More than 50% of searches are now being done through mobile which means that your website can really suffer if it is not mobile friendly.

According to data from Smart Insights, non-mobile friendly pages had suffered a drop by an average of 5 places ever since Google’s Mobile Update. If you consider that 67% of clicks usually go to the first 3 results, you will see how much businesses have been hit particularly those that held the 1st, 2nd or 3rd places.

If you are worried about the potential effects of Google Mobile Update on your business, the best option is to invest on responsive web design. A quick fix can easily translate content and pages in a mobile-friendly version. If your website is not too complicated, it can be made responsive using the existing design and layout. Breathe new life to your business and make it mobile friendly through Perth Web Design.

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