Ways You Can Offer Free Shipping In Your Online Business

Offering free shipping can be a very big gamble and it must be a decision made after careful evaluation and consideration. Remember, free shipping is not for everyone. It may give considerable benefits to many companies but it also has led others to ruin and bankruptcy. But even though the concept of free shipping is very risky, it should not be set aside because of its influence over customers. There is a considerable percentage of customers that would not make purchases unless the merchant offers free shipping while there are also customers who are more likely to make a purchase when free shipping is offered.

There are both short-term and long-term gains with offering free shipping. It also helps you stay competitive. But if you are wondering how you are going to offer free shipping in your business, then here are some ways that you might find useful.

  • Free shipping on everything. There are retailers who offer free shipping on all orders regardless of the items being ordered. These retailers probably offer light weight products as it is much more viable for them to do so. Retailers could also place certain conditions in terms of delivery and method because it is still a common practice.
  • With limits on thresholds. This is a very common tactic in online business nowadays probably because it is more realistic. By placing limits on the free shipping, you might be able to encourage larger purchases or orders.
  • On certain items. Retailers would sometimes offer free shipping only to certain items. These items are oftentimes best sellers and one that brings more profit to the company.
  • At certain times of the year. Free shipping is offered seasonally or during times when the competition is tough.
  • Certain locations only. A lot of retailers offer free shipping only to certain locations that are easily accessible to them.
  • Member Programs or Loyalty Programs. A growing trend today is the offering of free shipping on a member or loyalty based program that oftentimes come with a fee.

Remember, how you offer free shipping is entirely up to you but do weigh in on the costs, the profits and if your company can offer free shipping supplies. There are certain companies like Paper Mart shipping supplies that can offer free shipping to customers but there are also others who would only face more challenges than profits. Decide which side you are on before you make a choice.

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