Wedding Couple Advertises In Craigslist For A Free Wedding Photographer

Wedding couples understand the importance of wedding photography and they expect to pay a reasonable amount for the services rendered during the most memorable day. It is also typical for professional wedding photographers to expect payment because it is a normal process when services are provided. However, there are couples who expect that wedding photographers can be hired for free.

One particularly demanding couple posted on Craigslist that they are requesting for a well experienced wedding photographer who will be willing to shoot their wedding for free; however, the wedding photographer can expect experience, photos for his portfolio, food, gas money and the eternal gratitude of the couple. The post earned the ire of online users because of the incredibly specific demands on the photographer and his equipment without any payment.

The list of requirements for an experienced photographer that the couple expects for free can be eye-brow-raising because only a professional photographer who has made money will meet those requirements. The couple also encouraged wedding photographers to send them an email so that they can make a significant mark in the cut-throat but extremely rewarding world of wedding photography.

The post in Craigslist was deleted but a screengrab was posted in Reddit which gained so many uncomplimentary opinions. Most of the comments were indignant and people were pissed off because free wedding photography is an unreasonable demand to the profession. The husband of a photographer called the move as repulsive.

However, this is not the first time that someone requested for the services of a photographer through Craigslist without any promise of payment. A Boston-based individual assumed that photographers can do the job for free because they are able to gain experience. He promises the opportunity to gain a ton of unpaid work that everyone will love.

It is unreasonable to expect that wedding photography in Sydney can be had for free because the professional photographer has invested in very expensive equipment to ensure the high quality of wedding photographs. Besides that, wedding couples understand that professional photographers have worked hard to gain years of experience and knowledge in the field of wedding photography.

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