What It’s Like With International Cuisine In Rayong

Spending a three-week Thailand trip can be a struggle especially that you need to get back to your usual routine. You’ll be sleeping in the late afternoon and then getting up at 2AM. Staying up just to work on a blog can also make you get up really early. So, here you’ll find that you’re sleeping patterns are in a huge mess. Also, you’ll remember what the taste was with the international cuisine in Rayong. However, as you are back, you need to adjust and move on with your typical life. Also, don’t forget what it’s like to comfortably retire in this country.


If you come here, you’ll certainly love the taste of the international cuisine in Rayong, which can come in a huge variety of scrumptious food anytime of the day and are so affordable. You can eat inexpensive street foods to seaside restaurants, which is superbly awesome. In your trip to Rayong, Thailand, you don’t have to worry about cooking, as you’ll be dining out most of the time. However, you can’t do that in the US as eating out is a big expensive and you’re not really eating healthy. Asian food is more nutritious and comes in smaller quantity. so you don’t have to eat a lot.


In Thailand, you’ll enjoy the weather as it is hot and humid. However, in Portland, you can go sniffling as the rainy and cold weather can be a major adjustment to make. As per the Internet, Portland is 50 degrees and 84% humidity as compared to Thailand which is 90 degrees and 80% humidity. You’ll go crazy to find that Portland has a higher humidity than Thailand.


After visiting Angkor Wat, we headed straight to Thailand to visit more family members in Chonburi and Rayong. These places are of the tourist track and it’s a great opportunity to see how the locals here live. The Rayong province along the Gulf of Thailand is filled with wonderful beaches to enjoy. You’ll also learn to taste some international cuisine in Rayong, especially when you get here.

So, this is all for our Thailand trip. You’ll love to hear how we enjoyed our vacation and get to taste the best international cuisine in Rayong and all for a reasonable price.

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