What Makes An Unforgettable Hotel Experience

The fastest growing segment for customers is within the industry of hospitality. Interaction, exploration as well as experience are the major focus of the Millennials who are very willing to pay more money to have an excellent experience. Many of these people are looking for an overall excellent gourmet experience within reasonable price and this indeed has produced new lobby designs. Hotel restaurants and lobby bars are open with combination play, work and drink spaces. They are looking for a novel and unique experience. This kind of trend is expected to continue its command in the market.

This certain customer segment likewise is interested in making use of technology in doing things that a lot of people are accustomed in doing manually like checking in at hotels, paying bar bills and restaurant bills and in searching for places to shop, eat and relaxes. The Millenials also speak up what they have in mind. If they encounter problems and that they are not handled well, they will turn to social media and vent out their frustrations. About 59 percent of the millenials stayed at independent hotels last 2014, 20 percent more than the boomers and double those aging 70 and over. These certain segment represents 23 percent of the US travelers and 10 years from now, they are expected to represent at least 50 percent of the travelers.

Customer service will indeed make the list every year but in particular this year, it has to be a combination of high tech, high touch. Services today should enable the guests to be self-sufficient. For example, if the guests want to seek information using his or her phone, you need to provide a mobile website which can accommodate such request. The trend for digital traveling requires the hospitality industry to balance the expectation of personalization while at the same time enhancing the need to become independent.

For those that are not really inclined to technology and prefer manual services, the service given to these customers should be of high quality and at the same time genuine. When you create a unique and impressive Tel Aviv hotel guest experience that exceeds their expectations, you will be able to capture the customer’s heart whether you are equipped with the fanciest technology or not.

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