What’s The Latest Trend In Bathroom Wall Tiles?

The modern tiles are bigger and thinner as compared to the ones years ago. Although they are thinner, their strength is on par with the tiles from the past. Choosing the tiles for the bathroom remodelling is no longer as simple as before. Today’s tiles come in different texture, material, colour, shape, size, and design. Choosing can be overwhelming.

Before, customers usually only cared about the functional benefits of the bathroom wall tiles they were buying. Most often, customers would choose low maintenance, durable, and water-resistant tiles.

Today, homeowners also give importance to the aesthetic value of the tiles they are purchasing. They want something durable and equally beautiful. Tile manufacturers have widened their selection to provide customers with something that fits their preference.

The following sections are the different trendy tile patterns to date.

Graphic Patterns

The graphic pattern provides a perfect accent to the bathroom wall. It does not matter whether the tiles with graphic pattern have striking contrasting colours or light hues. If a certain bathroom decoration clashed with the pattern, it is best to remove or replace it with something that blends well with the tiles.

Matte Finish

The tiles with matte finish present a soft but undeniable exquisiteness that is not overpowering. The tiles with a matte finish are practically watermark and smudge free. They don’t show blemishes easily, unlike glossy tiles. They are also easy to maintain due to their low sheen.

Dimensional Tiles

Patterns and colours are not the only ones that have various assortments. Manufacturers are also trying to discover various tile shapes. In 2019, expect to see wall tiles in different geometrical shapes. The traditional rectangle and square shapes can look forward to various competitors. Recently, the hexagon-shaped tiles have begun invading the market. Expect to see more tiles with a hexagon shape in different colours, sizes, and materials.


Neutrals, especially the whites, are being favoured once more in 2019. Homeowners love neutral colours more and more, especially cream and grey. The popularity of beige and grey has reached a new height when they become complementary neutrals. Neutrals can look forward to more favourable days ahead.

There’s no doubt that homeowners will see their bathroom wall tiles in a different light and love them more each day.

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