Why Home Designs Are Not Actually Complicated

The idea of home designs can be complicated for most homeowners but fortunately, there are lots of help available through online sites, home remodeling magazines and interior decorators who will share their skills and experience to overcome all obstacles. Interior decorators often see what does not work in home design and they figure out how to fix it.

When homeowner and interior designer Alexandra Magne and her husband Laurent saw an apartment they immediately knew that they wanted it because of the space that allows them to breathe freely and the layout that allows light in the interior. The couple is actually living in the same building but they are looking for a place that is bigger. When they heard that the upper floor is for sale, they immediately thought that it might be the place they are actually looking for.

With the help of architect Alexandre Sfintescu, the couple spend 5 months refurnishing and modernizing the two 60-square meter apartments until they created a charming duplex with a personality. The aesthetics of the place was according to Alexandra’s taste and vision. She devised a plan to create a warm and welcoming ambiance for each room while ensuring that they retain their individual charm while complementing with the home décor.

In order to balance the leisurely feel of the informal living room, Alexandra carefully considered a diverse mix of colors and graphic prints. Color always plays a key role in home designs. Color can be provided by wallpapers with vivid colors and graphic patterns. However, white can be used to accentuate space in the kitchen while darker tones can be used in living spaces and bedrooms to enhance intimacy.

For an overall aesthetic appeal, predominant white and gray tones can be used because while different colors and patterns can be fun, if they are too many, they can take over the space. Alexandra prefers simplicity and a functional home. However, color can be incorporated on the furniture, accessories and upstairs wall panel. Playing with these elements has allowed Alexandra to change the atmosphere and aesthetics of the new apartment without the need to overhaul the furniture. Major changes have been kept to a minimum but it took quite a bit of work to combine and reconfigure the two apartments.

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