Why Homeowners Fear Interior Water Leaks

Going out on a holiday and leaving your home without anyone to look after for a few days or weeks can be daunting. There are instances where you think you will go home to your house with trouble waiting. This is true if you have a faulty fixture in the house and it can compromise the water supply because water leak might develop while you are away.

The leak can come from various places such as washing machine hose breaking its connection, a broken water heater or the kitchen faucet. When this happens, you will go home to a house that is damaged by the water and will costs you thousands of dollars to repair which you are not prepared financially.

According to a survey conducted by Chubb, many homeowners are not aware that there is a risk of water damage inside their home until it is too late. The fact is that the incidents of water damage are higher compared to theft or fire.

According to Chubb North America Personal Risk Services’ division president, Fran O’Brien, the most crucial factor is the time when the leak starts and when it is found out because it will determine how much damage will be inflicted by the water leak. If homeowners are away for vacation, this means that the water damage can be extensive and it might cost more because of its severity.

Chubb also revealed that in the previous decade, the incidence of interior water leaks have doubled because of pipes breaking. August is the month when the incidence of water break is higher which is bad timing because this is also the time when homeowners are likely to go on holiday.

It does not mean that you cannot leave your home but there are preventive measures you can perform in order to lessen the risk of going home to a water damage house.First check the water heater for signs of corrosion and leaks especially if your heater is older than a decade. Also check where the water supply is coming in to your washing machine because it is a common risk point. It is recommended that washing machine hose should be replaced every 5 years. Hoses connecting the water supply and the faucets should also be checked.

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