Why Is There A Need To Paint Your Home?

When you live in a neighborhood, typically when one home decides to repaint its exteriors, soon everyone else in the vicinity are seen standing in front of their homes with paint and brushes. Why is this so contagious? A great exterior paint job will totally transform the appearance of a house and it is like getting a new residence overnight. Is this just to please your aesthetic cravings?

Why Painting Homes are Important?

Painting a house is very important for a lot of reasons. First on the list of course is that it will add beauty as well as character and personality to your once dull abode. Just for that particular reason it is already very important to make a well thought game plan which includes colors, paint styles and shades. On the other hand, beyond the aesthetic benefit one can get, painting your house will also serve as the primary line of defense for your house against insects, weather and other kind of damage. For this reason, it is the more very important to give careful thought on painting your house.

When Should You Paint?

There isn’t really a recommended timeline on when you need to repaint your house. The answer to the above question will vary depending on your circumstance. You need to consider your climate, how thoroughly your house was prepped beforehand, and the quality of paint which was previously applied and also consider if you hired a good painter. If the painting job in your house is done poorly, it can last for as much as 3 years only before it will need repainting. A good painting job will last for as long as 20 years. The critical determining factor is the current condition of the coating in the house. Is the paint flaking, cracked, chipped or peeling somewhere? Are there areas of wood which are exposed? Are there any sign of damage from water to either siding or painting the wall itself? Finally, you need to consider how your home looks. If you see any signs above, you need a new painting job. You can seek the help of experts like Arthur Fitzhugh to help you in the painting job.

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