Why Is There A Strong Demand For Boutique Hotels

Lawyer Andrew Taylor was fresh from a 6-year stint in the local development arm of US Marriot International when he turned his attention to the development of boutique hotels. Taylor believes that there is more money in boutique hotels than the big cookie-cutter models. A strong demand can be seen because boutique hotels are strongly connected to local communities, food and beverages.

Taylor who founded Cre8tive Property is now focused on finding sites in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland as potential locations for boutique hotels. Boutique hotels have become a global phenomenon because consumers are now looking for independent and unique products that reflect local urban areas. Taylor predicts that more boutique hotels will be developed in Sydney and Melbourne because it makes good economic sense. Boutique hotels can command room rates that are 10% to 20% higher than average hotels.

Food and beverage spend including the use of on-site facilities like meeting rooms for businessmen is much higher in a boutique hotel. Spend for food and beverage in the Old Clare Hotel, a new boutique hotel in Sydney is definitely phenomenal. After leaving Marriot, Taylor was able to reconnect with some of his former clients including a well capitalized US-based private equity firm that wants exposure in the hotel market of Australia.

According to Taylor, many hotels have moved from the suburbs so that communities are now ready for a new wave of products like the launching of the 20-suite Spicers at the nearby Potts Point on June 30. Apart from Sydney’s King Cross, Surry Hills, Redfern and other eastern suburbs want the development of boutique hotels in their area. In Melbourne, they require boutique hotels that will appeal to both the business and leisure traveller. Even Chinese tourists want fringe locations where they can enjoy more experiences that are authentic.

If you are going to visit Thailand, enjoy a unique experience at a boutique hotel in Hua Hin where you will enjoy a full sea view and lush green landscape from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The ultimate in luxury and comfort is provided for every guest. Accommodations for family or a group of friends is available with free Wi-Fi and discounts for food and beverages including spa.

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