Why Japanese Cuisine Is Good For The Health

It is common to see diners prefer Chinese or Indian cuisine over Japanese cuisine. This is because of the popularity of the two. It was only recently that Japanese cuisine in Bangkok took its place in the food industry. Many people do not know that Japanese food is very effective in terms of nature and it plays a big role in the health of the eater, not to mention the fact that it is satisfying. Food habits of the Japanese are often lauded because of its concise and simple method of preparation.

The World Health Organization or WHO announced that men and women in Japan have a longer lifespan and they are healthier compared to other nationalities in the world. The fact is that they follow a healthier lifestyle as well as a better diet that it is expected of them to live an average of 75 years without sickness and any form of disability. Another unknown fact is that Japan has the lowest obesity level when it comes to developed countries with a rate of only 3 per cent.

Their methods of food preparation are very healthy including steaming, boiling and raw. They consume only compact portions but it does not hinder their satisfaction in enjoying the food. Dishes under the Japanese cuisine have surprisingly low calories, have higher level of fibre and filled with minerals. They are prepared in beautiful plating. With this method of dining, people are more likely to feast with their eyes thus creating an illusion that they are already full. This is ideal for people who want to have a healthier lifestyle.

If you visit Japan, you will see that their food servings are done using only small plates or bowls and they shy away from big plates. People eat a lot of different types of fishes, vegetables, fruits, seaweed and legumes.

Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish but people do not know that the ingredients used, including fish, seaweed and unprocessed soy, are very healthy. In fact, sushi which can be tried in a restaurant offering Japanese cuisine in Bangkok is one of the healthiest food options around the globe.

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