Why Repairs In Mumbai Housing Buildings Cannot Push Through

In Mumbai, an annual pre-monsoon survey was undertaken by Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) and identified 6 buildings as dilapidated and unfit for occupation. Tenants have been asked to vacate the buildings but they claim their readiness to repair the crumbling edifice. Tenants have taken the initiative to carry out internal repairs like plastering of walls and replacement of damaged girders.

Most of tenants associations have available funds to repair the building and are only waiting for a go signal. While waiting for the permission, tenants have to adopt temporary measures because of the need to have a roof above their heads even if the floors and walls are crumbling. Tenants have placed plastic sheets on the terraces to keep water from damaging the structure. They have filled in cracks on the walls and placed plaster on them to hide the deteriorating condition.

In most of the cases, tenants cannot produce the necessary documents or there is lack of clarity in ownership. This proves to be a setback in the allowing them to handle repairs on their apartments. The tenants have been denied permission because BMC Building Proposal Department wants the list of tenants to be confirmed by MHADA including several other documents.

The residents are waiting permission; meanwhile, the building continues to depreciate. According to RajendraNakhwa, the government will probably take action when the building falls down. A few years ago, 2 rooms located on the first floor developed cracks that widened. The tenants barricaded the area with bamboos for the safety of children. The tenants cannot leave because rents in other buildings are way beyond their budgets.

In 2007, a report revealed that repairs can be undertaken even if the building is not vacated because repairs can be done by phase. All the tenants need is permission because their association has the money for repairs.

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