World’s Luxury Yacht Events

There are different events in the luxury yachting calendar that spectators may want to witness. Superyachts are usually chartered for these events. The Monaco Grand Prix is a unique racing event. Yachts are chartered to be the luxurious base for the spectators to see ongoing race. It is considered as one of a kind event in the world of luxury yachts.

The Cannes Film Festival also uses yachts as a platform for entertainment, events, and accommodation. There may be events, which are not well known, all over the world that also use yachts as their platform. The organizers of these events usually charter luxury yachts for their events. The luxury yacht charter in Indonesia can accommodate the organizers of a certain event when they choose to hold it on the island.

The World Luxury Yacht Events

Here is the list of the popular luxury yacht events in the world.

  1. The Monaco Yacht Show

Every time there’s a Monaco Yacht Show, it’s always better and bigger than before. There are more superyachts (for sale and charter), builders, and designers that exhibit their work. The Monaco Yacht Show is a yearly event that happens every September at Port Hercules in Monaco.

It brings together the professionals from the sector of international luxury yachting. The individuals and companies that participate in the event include service providers, equipment suppliers, designers, brokers, and builders of a luxury yacht.

The event is also the only yacht show that’s devoted to superyachts that measure more than 25 meters long.

  1. The Cannes Film Festival

This event happens around May every year in Cannes, France. It is the world’s most illustrious film festival. Film stars as well as the rich and famous gather around the luxurious yachts.

  1. America’s Cup

This is a yacht racing event that attracts a fleet of luxury yachts, which are used as a base for entertainment and to accommodate spectators.

  1. Monaco Grand Prix

This event takes place every year. It started in the Principality of Monaco in 1929. It is a Formula One race, which is considered as one of the most prominent and important races in the whole world.

The city streets of La Condamine and Monte Carlo are used as the actual race course and they are prepared ahead of time. The spectators are stationed in the superyachts moored at Monaco harbor.

If there will be events such as these in Indonesia, the organizers might also consider a luxury yacht charter in Indonesia to serve as a base for the entertainment and the spectators.

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