Your Discarded Charger Is Now Harming The Environment

The abundance of electronic waste in the environment is becoming a global problem. While there are hauling companies like Earthwise Hauling that helps in the removal and recycling of e-waste, most discarded electronic devices still end up in landfills to pollute the ground and waters. In the future it is expected that an unprecedented amount of e-waste will damage the environment.

According to estimates, more than 51,000 tonnes of old chargers comprise e-waste every year. Members of the European Parliament are calling for strong measures that will ensure that chargers fit all kinds of mobile phones and portable devices. In 2009, Apple, Nokia and Samsung have promised that chargers will be compatible with the micro-USB standard.

While many companies adopted the micro-USB standard, Apple introduced its own Lightning port in 2012 and sold a micro-USB adapter instead. The European Parliament has discussed recently the possibility for smartphone makers to adopt a common charging point but Apple has warned that this will create an unprecedented volume of e-waste.

More than 1 billion Apple devices use the Lightning connector in addition to a wide range of accessories. Apple said that legislation would create a negative impact and disrupt the hundreds of millions of electronic devices and accessories that are being used by their customers in Europe and other parts of the world. Customers will be inconvenienced and the volume of e-waste will significantly increase.

Apple further said any regulation that forces uniformity on the type of connectors used by smartphones can discourage innovation. Many makers of smartphones are now evolving to USB-C that charges devices faster than the micro-USB. Apple has also moved to USB-C for its iPod Pro tablet and Macbook laptops. This approach is more convenient and useful to consumers and it encourages them to re-use their chargers on a wide range of portable devices.

The services of Earthwise Hauling are not enough to get rid of all e-waste in the environment. The company is insured and licensed to handle e-waste in California. If you have outdated electronic devices, television, BluRay player or even a toaster, call Earthwise to handle the e-waste properly. Once e-waste is hauled it is processed and recycled.

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