10 Tips To Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Many women think they are too young to start thinking about ageing. However, a carefree lifestyle might be adversely affecting the skin. It will not hurt to start using Natural Anti wrinkle Eye Cream before your current lifestyle takes its toll. There are also things that you might not be doing right and they could start the ageing process.

1. Use sunscreen – Even if the sun is nowhere in sight or you work in air conditioned room for most of the day, don’t forget the sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation.

2. Invest in high quality makeup – Facial skin is sensitive and it needs utmost care and protection. Cheap makeup will save you a few bucks but it can start the ageing process early. Good quality makeup provides the right care for your skin.

3. Start on an anti-ageing routine – It is never too early to stop the signs of ageing. Even if you are in your early twenties you can apply a day cream or Natural Anti wrinkle Eye Cream to stop those fine lines. It is also important to stay hydrated everyday with anti-oxidants as part of the diet.

4. Get enough sleep – Weekend parties with friends are simply too appealing but if you are not sleeping enough; you may regret it later on. Stress from work and all night partying will adversely affect the skin. An average of 8 hours sleep is what you need every night.

5. Clean skin gently – A daily cleansing routine will ensure that pores are clean; however, too much scrubbing with the towel will strip off the natural oils of the skin making it look dry.

6. Cut down on drinks – Excessive consumption of alcohol can result into dry flaky skin and make it more prone to wrinkles and permanent discoloration.

7. Remove makeup before sleeping – Makeup can cause the pores to clog and can result into premature ageing.

8. Avoid sugar – Intake of sugar in inappropriate quantities will make you look older quickly and can cause the skin to sag.

9. Regulate cardio workout – Too rigorous and too frequent cardio workout can have adverse effects on the skin.

10. Quit smoking – Nicotine diminishes the flow of blood on the skin and makes it look dull and unattractive.

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