2017 List Of Top Hubs For Your Smart Home

We are in an era where technology dominates the world. Many companies have developed tablets and mobile phones that we utilize every day. In the past years, experts in the industry have developed a new outlook and it is to connect everything that can be connected. The main aim of having a smart home is to simplify even the simplest of tasks. We cannot deny the fact that these technologies made our life more convenient thus our daily routine is now simpler. What makes it difficult is remembering which app you should use for the lights and which is for switching the channel on your television set. Now, there is a solution to this in the form of a hardware called hub.

– Nest Thermostat. This is a self-learning hardware that will be the heart of your heating system. It has function to turn the boiler on and off and a timer can be set too. The temperature setting can also be adjusted accordingly through this. The good thing is that this device takes note of your habit and there is a motion sensor responsible in changing the temperature.
– Termostato Honeywell Lyric. This resembles Nest but it does not depend on a motion detector, instead it has geofencing which makes it possible to know if you are within a predetermined location thus the appliances will be turned on or off accordingly.
– Sentri. This product used in home connection has been crowd-funded. It is a single device that can perform all functions when it comes to monitoring your home. The only problem is that it is behind in some features such as the video resolution which is only 720p. It is not only used in controlling temperature but the security system in homes as well. The device can be integrated into a 360 degrees camera to let the homeowner watch their home wherever they may be. The advantage of this is that it is considered a DIY for home security system and it does not need a professional to install the system. It also comes with a Wi-Fi adapter in its system but hardwiring is also an option.

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