38,600 Lights To Be Installed Under LED Project

The corporation in the city of Thiruvananthapuram has ended their deal with SIDCO regarding the LED project installation. Instead, the contract was given to KSEB to implement the installation. One of the most common lighting used nowadays is the strip LED lights because it is affordable and easy to install. The same goes with LED lights since the corporation will be allotting Rs 18 crore to fund the installation of the 38,600 lights within this year. KSEB was hired to provide technical assistance during the entire process.

There will be two phases for the project. The first phase will start with the installation of 20,00 LED lights and the estimated cost is around Rs 9 crore while the remaining half of the fund will be allotted for the second phase which is covered by the peoples panning project and they will be in charge of the 18,00 LED lights left to be installed.

According to the mayor, V K Prasant, the proposal to deposit the fund to the contractor KSEB is already being decided and in its final stage. It was noted that two years ago, there has been a big difference with the funding sent to KSEB in their project to maintain the streetlights. This has been a cause of concern for the general public as to how KSEB is using the deposit sum sent to them.

The corporation is also hoping that there will be private companies that will express interest on the project and will pledge to cover the remaining amount needed for the project. There are 87,000 lights that need to be changed to LED lights but the coverage KSEB will provide will only be for the 40,000 lights.

According to the mayor, if there are offers coming from private companies that will handle the installation and maintenance at a good price then they are willing to pass them the contract because the corporation will benefit from it in the end.

For residential homes, opting for LED lights and decor strip LED lights is a good idea because they are easy to install and not as expensive compared to other options.

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