4 Essential Tips For Outdoor Team Building Games

One of the most anticipated events in organizations and companies are team building activities. Team building promotes relaxation, fun and camaraderie within and among members of organizations. It allows employees to temporarily forego the demands of the organization and focus on relaxation and enjoyment through outdoor team building games.  Having team building in an outdoor venue means that there would be more physical activities involved such as pulling, running, tagging, racing and other exciting activities. While all these can be fun, there can also be risks involved. As a safety precaution, here are some tips that you might want to follow for safer activity.

Collect medical waivers

Before the conduct of your team building, collect medical waivers from your employees because you never know if any of them are pregnant. Some employees may have recently gone through a surgical operation or are currently on medication. There are also those who may have physical disabilities or life-threatening health condition. Always ask for a medical or health waiver. You can just assign those with medical issues or physical conditions as time keepers, watchers and other lighter functions during outdoor team building games.

Have available medicsas standby

People can become competitive during games and this is where accidents can happen. Make sure that you have a standby company nurse or your security personnel to help your team in case of medical emergencies. You can also hire a team of medics for the event. Make sure to have a first aid kit at the venue.

Provide refreshments and ample water supply

In order to keep your team hydrated and energized, provide an ample water supply for drinking including refreshments or sweets. Exposure to sun and engaging in physical activities could lead to exhaustion and dehydration.

Use sunscreen protection

Lastly, to ensure that your team will remain safe and protected during outdoor team building games, advise them to apply sunscreen protection or use items that will keep you and your team protected against the sun such as sunglasses, bandana, caps and similar items. Bring along towels and extra shirts for the activity.

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