A Challenge For Innovative Housing Suppliers In Sydney

The city of Sydney is sprucing up its region in order to promote construction and prevent an economic decline. A strategic line and layout of commercial, environmental, defence, and natural resources construction and other projects aimed toward building infrastructure promises brighter expectations for the industry in 2019.


To bulk up the need for roofing supplies in Sydney and other necessary equipment, the city launched a challenge that wishes to encourage builders to find innovative ways to construct and design residential housing. Part of the challenge visualises a diverse yet affordable line of housing as the crisis for reasonable pricing for homes hikes up.


This project, dubbed the Alternative Housing Ideas Challenge, is expected to attract a variety of participants, including designers, lawyers, financiers, professionals and students alike. A jury will judge the models they come up with. Only 6 of the overall participants will receive a $20,000 prize in order to implement their ideas. Such funds may be used in providing the equipment, building and roofing supplies in Sydney for construction.


The criteria for the challenge is outlined as follows:


  • Combine 2 or more innovative approaches using financing, construction, management, urban land supply, tenacity and ownership type, planning, and design as principals.
  • The city of Sydney has a standard that will determine whether or notan idea is considered affordable housing that the participants must meet.
  • Keep in mind the financial, environmental, and social impact of the innovative project.
  • Adopt and implement a suitable living environment for the future residents of the project.
  • Replication possibilities and appropriate scale must be taken into consideration.


Clover Moore, the Lord Mayor of Sydney, approaches the crisis of affordable lodging in Sydney by saying there is a need to diversify the housing to foster an equally diverse community.


The challenge is created while keeping in mind the present workforce that reside in Sydney, as teachers, nurses, paramedics, and so on may then be given an opportunity to live conveniently closer to their place of work. Going hand in hand with the want for diverse and innovative housing plans is the improvement of the standard of living for the working class and putting a cap on congestion within the region.

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