A Frenchman’s Dream To Cross The Atlantic On His Standup Paddle Board

Nicolas Jarrosay is a 38-year old paddler and fireman who dreams of being the first individual to cross the Atlantic Ocean using a standup paddle board. He wants to do it on his own without assistance which he hopes to achieve by paddling and sleeping on a specially designed livable sup board. Jarrosay set off last Monday, April 11, 2016 on a 5-kilometer or 3,000-mile odyssey to fulfill his dream of being the first person to cross the Atlantic using a standup paddle.

The first stage of his ambitious odyssey starts off at Praia on the Cap Verde Coast. According to the organizers, Jarrosay left port by mid-afternoon on his modified paddle that measures seven meters long and 38 centimeters wide which is actually almost double the length of a classic paddle used by beach lovers with a sense of balance from Bali up to Brazil. Jarrosay’s odyssey is expected to culminate in just over two months which means people will see him paddle to the French Caribbean Island of Martinique.

Everything about this adventure is incredulous because Jarrosay’s livable version of a standup paddle will allow him to squeeze into his basic living compartment that measure 2.2 meters long and 44 centimeters high.  The cabin area provides for a barely adequate space for his freeze-dried provisions. In order to charge up the equipment that Jarrosay will bring on his odyssey, solar panels were fitted to the mini craft.

Before he set off on his adventure, Jarossay told web platform TOTALSUP that he has been plotting this journey for three years and he was against deploying a guide vessel due to a bad experience. People on the boat had a heated argument and left Jarrosay in the middle of the Atlantic. This adventure would cost about $50,000 but Jarossay hopes to recoup the expense from sponsors and donations. Jarrosay’s attempt comes after US paddler Alex Linnell set a world record by negotiating the entire 3,780 kilometers of Mississippi River on his board.

The SUP industry understands the passion of many individuals that is why it has introduced inflatable stand up paddle board for the first timer or the seasoned professional SUP racer.

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