A Fusion Of History And Flavors – Floribbean Cuisine Is America’s New Era In Cooking

To take a break and travel to Florida is not only an adventure for experiences but also for the palate. Floribbean cuisine is a general term for the fusion of dishes from various cultural influences, albeit the term only fuses Florida and the Caribbean. Floribbean cuisine is a diverse form of dishes found across the many Florida restaurants and Floridian homes. What makes a dish “Floribbean” is the certain aspect of varying Floridian culture: it is greatly influenced by immigrants from many places around the world, but especially closest to Florida which is Cuba and the Caribbean. The most notable of which are from Barbados, the Bahamas, Haiti, and Jamaica. They also borrowed flavors and techniques from Latin American like the countries of Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, which they call Hispano-Floribbean or Latin-Floribbean cuisine. Indo-Floribbean and Afro-Floribbean are also among the many exotic fusion of dishes in the Sunshine State. This development is brought about by the migration of foreign workers to Florida way back decades ago. The use of Caribbean and Asian ingredients, as well as seafood in cooking methods, have developed the Floribbean art of cooking healthier than any other dishes.

The Floribbean technique in cooking also incorporates exotic spice collection: ginger, lemongrass, and scallions. Red curry is also commonly used in Floribbean cooking. Floribbean cuisine also evolved in such a way as it is highly incorporated with Asian culinary style emphasizing the flavors of fresh harvests of tropical Asian fruits and vegetables. These typically grow only in subtropical climates, of which Florida is known to have as it rarely gets any snowfall. Being a Peninsular state, a great variety of fresh seafood catch is just outside of the state’s more than a thousand miles of coastline. These are often paired with the sweetness of locally grown fruits such as citrus, coconuts, mangos, plantains, papayas, and lychees. This led to the development of a very distinctive flavor usually attributed to being Floridian by taste.

When you take a break and travel to Florida, you will immediately notice distinctive features of Floribbean cuisine: emphasis on the freshness of the ingredients, complex mix of different spices, emphasis on the wide use seafood and poultry, generous use of the sweetness of fresh fruits and fresh citrus juices. They also put special attention in presentation and plating when serving, putting a natural, fresh and healthy effect. Floribbean cooking is often spicy but significantly lesser than that of Caribbean cooking from which it was inspired, albeit the extravagant use of varying kinds of peppers. The spiciness is most likely moderated by the use of fresh fruits or citrus or honey.

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