A Glimpse Into The Veteran Coffee Shops Of Saigon

A café in Saigon has been operating for more than six decades, non-stop. It was nicknamed by the locals as am phu which means hell. It stemmed from the fact that it is open 24 hours for more than 60 years. It is already established that is one of the most popular cafes in the area. It is one of the reasons, aside from the best hotels in Saigon, that locals and tourists visit the city.

The Am Phu Café is known for using traditional method in making coffee which is to use a cloth mesh whenever the coffee is done brewing. Majority of the customers that visit the café are already regulars. These are the same people that can be seen there as soon as the dawn breaks. They drink coffee while they read that day’s paper. The café is located in a small alley right at Phan Dinh Phung Street. It has low plastic chairs where customers can enjoy their coffee for only $0.6.

The second veteran café in the city is called Cheo Leo Café. It is deemed to be the oldest of all coffee shops in Saigon because it has been there since 1938. The vibe of the café is still traditional and old school. They still use cloth mesh in order to make coffee that was freshly brewed. The spot is very similar to Am Phu because it has become a regular coffee hangout for the elderly who have been coming to take their coffee every morning for many decades. Many tourists are also attracted to the coffee shop especially those who are hoping to get a taste of authentic Saigon coffee.

Chieu Café is another café worth visiting in Saigon. It is located in an area isolated from the city in Hoang Sa Road close to the Kieu Bridge therefore the pace of the surrounding is calmer. The café opened back in 1969. The café is known to play music by Trinh Cong Son and it gives off a throwback vibe. Their most popular coffee is the black and milk coffee. Even tourists staying at the best hotels in Saigon come to these cafes in order to experience the original coffee of the city.

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