A Guide In Choosing International School In Thailand

Choosing an international school in Thailand for your child is not that difficult since there are several academic institutions in the country. However, there are certain points that need to be considered in order to enroll your child to the right school. Here are some ideas on how you can provide the best possible education to your child in a foreign country.

Consider important conditions

The distance of the school to where you live is one important aspect to check. If the school is far from your home, find out if there is a school bus service. You should also check the curriculum of the school and if it has emphasis on language and other important subjects. There has to be a balance of academic excellence and extra-curricular activities. It would be best if you would personally visit the school to check on the environment and facilities. Visit different schools before arriving at a decision.

Check the teachers’ expertise

Find out if the teachers in your target international school in Thailand are certified and qualified to teach foreign students especially on ESL. You should also check if the teachers have earned advance degrees. During your visit, pay close attention to how teachers associate with parents and students. Notice if they are friendly to you and to other parents as it is a good indication on how they interact with their students.

Talk to parents

During your visit, talk to some of the parents and find out if they are happy with the school and on the development of their children. Aside from talking to parents with children currently enrolled at the school, talk to parents who transferred their children to another institution.  Find out the reasons why.

Check the school’s reputation

Another important aspect when choosing an international school in Thailand is the school’s reputation. Aside from talking to actual parents, read reviews and feedback from third party websites. Find out if there were any complaints or legal actions filed against the school including controversies especially in handling students. Ask the locals about the school for more information.

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