A Man Hits Jackpot On Sticker Printing

A man hit a fortune on sticker business. As of to speak he already gained more than a million dollars revenue from his sticker business. Ever since he already love printing and this inspired him to make it profitable. He ventured out with nothing but his passions on stickers. From scratch, he studied the ins and outs of this industry.

At first, it was hard since his name is not yet known in the sticker printing industry. But this did not stop him to pursue. He continued learning different strategies that soon paid off. Who would have imagined that this passion would turn him into a millionaire?

He then got the Guinness Book of World Record for the largest sticker ball. He made a 232-pound ball made of different stickers. It was so much fun according to him to finish the gigantic ball. Now, his name is written on the Guinness and marked his legacy on the sticker industry.

He also did not just focus on personal stickers. He studied branding which made him want to penetrate the corporate world. He started contacting big companies to promote his service by offering them to design their logo. On this, he became more successful. His sticker printing business provided service to more than 30,000 companies.  He provides them tiny stickers to be used for their branding. Now, it is impossible to enter a supermarket without encounter one of his works.

His story is very humble, as he started printing on his basement as his office. And now, he’s running a large company supplying stickers around the world. For him conceptualizing is the hardest part, it takes a lot of experience, motivations, and inspiration. To aid this, he makes sure that he travels a lot, and see the world on his very eyes. He will then question himself of what else he can contribute.

More than all the revenues and dollars he earned, it was the fulfilment that makes him keep going. His passion made its way to the world market. His name became a pillar of this industry. And most of all, he is enjoying the whole process.

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