A Pact Between Sisters Led To Weight Loss

Annabelle Chiarello is 16 years old while her sister Anastasia is 24 years old. They are from Montaray, NSW and both are struggling with their weight ever since. Annabelle is wearing shirts that 7XL while her sister is wearing dresses that are size 26.

The two siblings are very close while growing up and they both have the habit of indulging with bread and pasta in massive portions. They also love to snack on giant chocolate blocks causing their weight o balloon as they grow older.

When Belle was just 13 years old, she was already 248 kg. It was during this time that the doctors warned her that she needed to shed some weight or risks dying thus she was recommended to undergo VSG or gastric sleeve fitted.

Because the teen was scared to undergo the procedure, her sister Anastasia helped her by saying that she will have the surgery too. It was October of last year when Belle underwent the surgery while her sister has already been under the knife three months before. Anastasia was 165 kg during the surgery.

The sisters are now on the process of losing weight. In total, they have lost around 167 kg and still continue to slim down and they are determined to say goodbye to their flab for a lifetime.

According to Belle, her entire family loves food so it has played a big role in her life. She used to eat the entire day every day and never felt hungry once. Even when she was a baby, she admitted that she was on the heavier side and Anastasia too as well as the other family members who made her think it was okay to be that heavy.

Their parents separated and this is when the two siblings turned to comfort eating in order to cope with their parents’ break up.

When the doctor told Belle that she is going to die if she doesn’t lose weight, it was the only time that she realized that she really is in a bad state. Belle had already lost 90 kg while Anastasia has lost 77 kg.

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