A Whole New Tenant Package For Solar On The Gold Coast

The shift from conventional power supply sources to solar on the Gold Coast has reached a whole new high. Reports have it that roofed solar panel installation has significantly increased this year as residents look to reduce or cut cost on power bills. Without solar panels, residents are subjected to some of the highest electricity bills in the country. The electricity bills are exorbitant and continue to rise annually. The annual cost saved after installing solar on the Gold cost is estimated at $275 on electricity bills.

Potential of Solar on the Gold Coast

The radiation of solar on the Gold Coast per square meter is 5.43kWh. This is sufficient to generate enough amount of energy to power your solar heaters, air conditioning system and other energy-hungry devices at a reduced cost.

Relief for new rental homes

In a new rollout deal from a roofing sheet supplier for rental homes, new residents will now have the option of receiving solar panels. Landlords usually negotiate a deal with tenants based on meter readings each month. This kind of agreements is quite complicated because it might be difficult to estimate the unit cost energy value. In this new package, the landlord is given ownership of the solar facility. He has the option of selling to the tenant at a discounted market rate or simply move it to the national grid.

Advantages of switching to solar

The installation cost of solar on the Gold Coast can be initially high but cost effective in the long term for a time spanning as much as 25 years. The maintenance is also low when compared to other household renewable energy sources. Studies have shown that solar power is now the cheapest form of energy.


It should be noted, however, that this package is meant only for new rental houses. Old or existing tenant houses will not be able to partake in this new development due to the way the technology is designed to operate. Homes that have switched to solar on the Gold Coast can now boast of enjoying the cleanest energy and cheapest power rates.

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